Grants and research opportunities

Information about grants and research opportunities available at the Office of the Public Advocate.

OPA awards ABI research grants

April 2013

The Public Advocate, Colleen Pearce, is pleased to announce the following organisations have received research grants for projects benefiting Victorians with an acquired brain injury in the criminal justice system. 

The successful grant recipients are:

  • RMIT University’s Centre for Innovative Justice and Jesuit Social Services for a project to enhance the rights and wellbeing of people with acquired brain injuries through the establishment of an ABI Justice User Group. The group will be available to give input to law reformers, educators and others on issues relevant to dealing with people with ABI in the context of the justice system.
  • Monash University for a project to enhance the rights and wellbeing of people with ABI through law reform and improved education within the legal, judicial and law enforcement professions. The project will take input from people with ABI and professionals within the criminal justice system to develop and implement improvements to the education of criminal justice professionals and also to formulate and advocate for desirable law reform.
  • Diverge for a project to build bridges between agencies in the ABI, disability and justice sectors by increasing contact, communication and collaboration, and enhancing the knowledge base of workers. The project will deliver training workshops that promote a better understanding of disability and justice issues, involve peer consultation and service-mapping activities, promote access to appropriate services for people with ABI moving through the justice system, and disseminate resources to guide best practice regarding people with ABI involved with the criminal justice system.

 Media release: Research to help Victorians with brain injuries in the criminal justice system: grants announced (PDF 21KB) 

Enhancing the rights and wellbeing of people with an acquired brain injury

October 2013

The Office of the Public Advocate is calling for grant applications for projects that will have a lasting impact for people who are marginalised and have complex needs from living with an acquired brain injury (ABI), in the context of the criminal justice system and DisabilityCare Australia.

The panel will consider applications for a minimum allocation of $50,000 for a one-year project to a maximum allocation of $250,000 for a three-year project. Applications can be accepted from organisations based outside Victoria. Interstate applications must still demonstrate the project's relevance and impact for people living with an ABI in Victoria.

Grant applications close on 1 November 2013, please see the grant guidelines below for information on how to apply.

Grant guidelines and key selection criteria (PDF 35KB)

Media release: Research grants to help people with ABI in disability support and justice systems (PDF 14KB)