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NDIS Service Agreements

As most service agreements contain matters that go beyond the scope of the authority of a guardian to make decisions conserving access to services, OPA has developed Deeds for:

Support Coordination Services

Miscellaneous Services

Plan Management Services

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

These Deeds relate to the provision of support services and include matters that are within the authority of the guardian to agree to on behalf of the represented person.

The Deeds can be filled out and signed electronically via an online form and be automatically extended at the end of the original service period where this is agreed to by the provider and the participant.

Extension Schedules

A deed can only be extended for a maximum of two periods (the original plus two extensions). If you have already extended the deed for this service twice, please fill out a new deed.

Deed Extension Schedule for Support Coordination Services

Deed Extension Schedule for Miscellaneous Services

Deed Extension Schedule for Plan Management Services