Deputy Public Advocate announced

Sonia Law

Sonia Law Sonia Law will be joining OPA as Deputy Public Advocate from Monday 10 January 2022.

Over the last 15 years, Sonia has worked to promote the human rights of people with disability and mental health issues through her work at Forensicare and Victoria Legal Aid.  At Victoria Legal Aid,  Sonia currently oversees delivery of legal assistance services to mental health consumers and people with cognitive disability under substituted decision-making legislation, including the Guardianship and Administration Act, and non-legal advocacy services to mental health consumers at risk of or subject to compulsory treatment under the Mental Health Act.

At Forensicare, as Corporate Counsel, Sonia developed policy guidance and provided advice to clinical staff on their legal responsibilities, including under the Guardianship and Administration Act, the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities and the Mental Health Act. Added to this is knowledge of the community mental health sector, the NDIS and homelessness services gained through Sonia’s ten years as a board director at Neami National.

The duties of the Deputy Public Advocate include oversight of OPA's guardianship, volunteers, medical treatment decision-making, advice and education, legal and corporate services.

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