Supported residential services (SRS)

What is a Supported Residential Service?

Supported Residential Services (SRS) are privately operated businesses that provide accommodation and support for Victorians who need help with everyday activities. For example, people with disability who do not qualify for supported disability accommodation, people with mental illness, or who are frail or aged.

SRS range in size from small facilities to those with about 80 residents.

There are two main types of SRS: ‘pension-level’ and ‘pension-plus’.

  • Pension-level facilities charge residents around 85-95 per cent of the aged or disability pension for their room, meals and support.
  • Pension-plus facilities set their own fees and vary in the range of additional services and support offered.

The majority of pension-level SRS support a diverse mix of residents including those who are ageing to younger people referred from mental health or homelessness services.