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Report nameDateReference number
Decision Time: Activating the rights of adults with cognitive disability February 2021 CD/21/144067
The Illusion of 'Choice and Control': The difficulties for people with complex and challenging support needs to obtain adequate supports under the NDIS September 2018 CD/18/679754
Designing a deprivation of liberty framework (Discussion paper) August 2017 CD/17/49577

Building bridges: Linking disconnected service networks

(Addressing the over-representation of people with acquired brain injury in the criminal justice system)

November 2016 CD/17/111733
Volunteer Programs of Support for Decision Making: lessons and recommendations from the OVAL Project December 2016 CD/19/716004

Rebuilding the village: Supporting families where a parent has a disability

Report 2: Child Protection

September 2015 CD/15/498188 

Whatever happened to the village? The removal of children from parents with a disability.

Report 1: Family law - the hidden issues

December 2013 CD/14/112080

Responding to violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect: Improving our protection of at-risk adults

(Report for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust of Australia)

July 2013 CD/14/111350
Healthy Living Survey 2012: Findings in relation to Disability Services; residents' physical activity levels, community engagement levels and Person-Centred Plans June 2013 CD/14/111680
Guardianship around the world: A resource on international adult guardianship systems October 2012 CD/14/111576 
Sexual assault in Supported Residential Services: Four case studies May 2012 CD/14/111894

Breaking the Cycle - full report

(Helping people with cognitive impairment break the cycle of poverty, isolation and contact with crime)

April 2012 CD/14/111881

Breaking the Cycle - summary report

(Helping people with cognitive impairment break the cycle of poverty, isolation and contact with crime)

April 2012 CD/14/111889
The Victorian Office of the Public Advocate: a first history 1986-2007 April 2011 CD/14/111356
Violence against people with cognitive impairments: Report from the Advocacy/Guardianship program at the Office of the Public Advocate, Victoria August 2010 CD/14/112072
Supervised Treatment Orders in Practice: How are the human rights of people detained under the Disability Act 2006 protected? August 2010 CD/14/112040
How are People’s Rights Protected under Supervised Treatment Orders? (Easy English) August 2010 CD/14/111745 
Status report on Supported Residential Services (SRS) September 2009 CD/14/111872
Two steps forward, one step back: an analysis of five years of Community Visitor annual reports, 2003-2007 June 2009 CD/14/112045

Long-Stay Patient Project

(Inappropriate long-tern placement of patients in secure mental health facilities due to a lack of suitable accommodation options)

April 2009 CD/14/111756

Koories and Disability: The Double Disadvantage

The Utilisation of the Independent Third Person (ITP) Program in the Goulburn Valley Koori Community

December 2003 CD/23/213990
Finding New Ways - A review of services to the person with intellectual disability in the Victorian justice system December 1988 CD/14/111564
Silent Victims - A study of people with intellectual disability as victims of crime May 1988 CD/14/112018
Finding the Way - The Criminal Justice System and The Person with Intellectual Disability April 1987 CD/14/111571

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