Community Visitors Annual Report 2019-2020

This year, the findings have been drawn from 4142 visits by 400 active volunteer Community Visitors across the state.

The report identifies a range of issues critical to the safety, treatment, care and human rights of Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens who, due to their disabilities, require 24-hour care in state-regulated or managed services.

These issues include continuing abuse, assaults and violence, particularly resident-on-resident and patient-on-patient, as well as concerning issues relating to Community Visitors being frustrated in their work with facilities, denied access to incident reports, vulnerable people still failing to access or benefit from the NDIS, insufficient accommodation for people with a mental illness and a failure of regulation in the SRS sector, resulting in the troubling neglect of residents.

The report also reports on Community Visitor work during the COVID-19 pandemic including by engaging with remote ‘visiting’ and their findings during this time.

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