Notices issued by the resident

The Residential Tenancies Act provides for the resident to give the SDA provider notices:

  • Notice of intention to vacate
  • Notice of termination.

Notice of intention to vacate

A resident may give the SDA provider a notice of intention to vacate the dwelling (Residential Tenancies Act section 498ZZA). 

The SDA provider must notify the following of the details of the notice within 24 hours of receiving it:

  • the NDIA (where the person is a participant, but not where the person is funded through the Continuity of Support Program of the Commonwealth)
  • OPA
  • the resident’s guardian or administrator, as the case requires
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria.

OPA expects the SDA provider to provide OPA with details of the SIL provider.

OPA will make inquiries about the resident either through its own staff or through a referral to the Community Visitors Program.

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