Information for supportive guardians and supportive administrators

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) appoints a supportive guardian or supportive administrator, when it finds that the person can make their own decisions, but sometimes needs support.

Your role is to support the person in making their own decisions, in accordance with the VCAT order, and in accordance with your obligations under the Guardianship and Administration Act 2019.

VCAT will specify in the order the types of matters you can support the person to make decisions about and powers you have.

Your responsibilities

You must:

  • act honestly, diligently, and in good faith
  • exercise reasonable skill and care
  • discuss anything about a supported decision with the person in a way they can understand and that will assist them to make the decision
  • in your role, not assist the person to conduct any illegal activity
  • not coerce, intimidate or in any way unduly influence the person into a particular course of action.

You must also act in accordance with the general principles in the Act.

These include that a person who requires support to make decisions, should be provided with practicable and appropriate support to enable them, as far as practicable in the circumstances, to:

  • make and participate in decisions affecting them
  • develop their decision-making capacity.

Download the fact sheet for additional important information about your role.


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