Strategic Directions 2023 - 2026

These directions were developed with insights from OPA staff, volunteers, and stakeholders, ensuring a collaborative and well-rounded approach to shaping our future work and initiatives.

As a blueprint for the future, it charts an exciting course for OPA in the next 3 years. The Strategic Directions will act as a guide for how OPA can progress work towards our aspirational vision.

Our vision is for ‘A fair and inclusive society that respects and values the human rights and dignity of all people.’

OPA added a new guiding principle of inclusion to underscore its commitment to fostering participation, equal opportunities, and empowerment.

The principles guide our approach to work, our planning, our decision-making, our behaviour, and the way we communicate with and treat one another.

OPA's principles are:

  • Respect - We treat all people with dignity and respect
  • Integrity - We act honestly, transparently, fairly and with accountability to each other and to members of the community
  • Independence - As a statutory entity, we operate independently of government agencies and service providers
  • Inclusion - We strive to remove barriers to accessing our services and full participation in the community
  • Collaboration – We work collaboratively with our clients and stakeholders to improve outcomes for people with disability and their support systems.

The 4 new Strategic Priorities provide a strong focus for all our planning and work over the coming 3 years. These priorities set out how we plan to make a difference. The four strategic priority areas identified are:

  • A culture of excellence - accessible, inclusive, collaborative, high quality
  • Maximising our influence and impact - research, reform, advocacy
  • Nurturing our people - support, development, promotion of wellbeing
  • A thriving organisation - sustainable, flexible, data and digitally capable.

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