Specialist Disability Accomodation

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a special type of housing for NDIS participants.

The accommodation could be special because:

  • it has a modified bathroom
  • it has no steps and wide doors to enable use of a wheelchair
  • it is built with robust materials that are not readily damaged
  • the resident has very high support needs most appropriately met by SDA.

The person who provides SDA is called an SDA provider.

For you to get SDA, you need to be a NDIS participant and, either:

  • have SDA approved as part of your NDIS services plan
  • have been living in a group home as at 1 July 2019.

You can check if you have SDA because it will be included in your NDIS Plan.

Your rights in an SDA

Your rights depend on whether you have an SDA residency agreement or a standard lease.

You have more protections if you have an SDA residency agreement.