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When you have a guardian or administrator

If you have a guardian or an administrator, that person is allowed to make some choices for you.

Making choices is sometimes called making decisions.

Your administrator is allowed to make decisions for you about your money and the things you own.

Your guardian is allowed to make decisions about some of your personal and lifestyle decisions. This may include where you live or what services you receive.

Note: Your guardian or administrator should do what they can to help you make your own decisions. They should only make a decision if you are unable to do so, and if they are allowed to make that decision.

Who decides that you need a guardian or administrator?

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) decides if you need a guardian or administrator to help you make some decisions.

If VCAT decides you need a guardian or administrator, it will make an order.

An order is where VCAT writes down who your guardian or administrator is and the types of decisions they can make for you.

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